Leisure Toys, an entity of Leisure International, Qatar is a dream of two individuals who has a combined experience of 27 years in toy retailing and distribution. The organization was launched in 2012 as a distributor of top notch international toy brands in Qatari market. The toy retailers of Qatar were being served from Dubai; the business hub of Middle-East, which posed a lot of limitations in terms of service levels as well as brand building. Sensing an opportunity in getting the right products at the right time, Leisure Toys decided to invest its resources into toy distribution in Qatar. Currently we have twenty strong team, office, warehouse and delivery vehicles to cater to our customers.

In 2014 we officially launched our operations in Bahrain as well. The branch is now fully operational with our own facilities which include an office, a warehouse, delivery vehicles and a team of seven persons to offer the best of their services to our valued customers.

Our Vision

We at Leisure Toys believe in creating an environment where fun never ends and everybody gets to become kids again. We strive to deliver products in the most feasible and attainable manner. We build our brands by constantly striving to be innovative in everything we do offering unparalleled services to our customers and partners. We want to build an organization of excellence reflecting its people’s aspirations and shareholder’s interests. We will grow as a regional force in distribution business connecting brands to the consumers through all possible channels by maintaining the service levels to the highest degree.

Our Mission

The mission of Leisure Toys is to deliver high quality, safe, and innovative toys to the consumer. In a short span of time we have successfully added a strong lineup of brands to our distribution portfolio. We have also built a strong relationship with all the toy retail channels in the market which includes the specialty toy retailers as well as the department stores, hypermarkets and supermarkets.

As a progressive organization, we believe in our people and the processes. We see it our core strength which will remain as the key drivers to achieve our vision and mission.

Marketing approach: We believe in customized marketing programs that are brand specific. Our current market size does not justify heavy ATL marketing budget. It is very important to get the fundamentals right, such as shelf presence in key/ visible areas within retail environment, in-store branding, in-store video loops, open samples etc. all supported through a team of merchandisers available at the retail premises. Presenting the products the right way at retail premises is key to our success; hence we have invested a lot of time and energy in building a visual merchandising team. We have a strong lineup of outdoor category that justifies direct institutional/ corporate selling programs. Catalogues have been instrumental in achieving our direct selling objectives. We are working towards an omni-channel marketing approach that will integrate the retail, institutional, catalogue and the website to create the brand awareness among our customers.

Customer Services: We cater different categories varying from toys that are displayed on retailers’ shelves to outdoor items such as trampolines, garden play-houses, wooden play structures and outdoor swimming pools. Irrespective of the channels of sales, we take the full responsibility of the product quality as well as the promptness of our services. While our retail customers enjoy prompt delivery services in addition to regular shelf checking for sold out items, we also undertake site visit, estimation as well as delivery & installation of the outdoor items on behalf of our retail customers. This includes after-sales service for certain product categories.